We were the first... And we're still the best!

Since 1971, InsectAway Systems® have been protecting valuable animals with safe,
effective natural
pyrethrum based insecticide.
The utilization of our systems has spread throughout the world
and is continuing to grow among breeders of quality animals such as horses and cattle.
Regional Sales & Service
Serving the Northeast Since 1984

Representing INSECTAWAY® in the Northeast with Sales, Service, & Installation---and Sales in other parts of the country for self
installation, we can supply you with all the necessary equipment and supplies to make your stable FLY FREE.
Our NATURAL PYRETHRUM can be used in all automatic spray systems.  

We will install an INSECTAWAY system for you and in the unlikely event you need service, we are able and happy to assist you
with an on-site visit if necessary.

We can provide service for other brands as well.
Make your barn fly & mosquito free
Natural Pyrethrum
Automatic Overhead Control Systems
Keeping your animals free of biting insects
is what tails were made for, but limited
range has always been a problem.  The
InsectAway System knocks down
disease spreading flies and insects in
every corner of your barn.  Watch vet bills
go down and profits come up!  Your
livestock can eat, rest, and produce.  You
will notice an immediate healthy change
with profitable results.
NATURAL - Pyrethrum
SAFE -  Non-toxic Biodegradable
DEADLY - To Flying Insects
EFFECTIVE - No Fly Immunity
ECONOMICAL - - For Any Size Stable

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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Why the InsectAway Formulation?
Although safe and powerful, natural pyrethum can be made even more effective when
used in automatic spray systems.  Therefore, we have developed our own formula to
combine pyrethrum with other substances to increase its effectiveness.  Additionally,
the entire formulation is emulsified so there is no separtation of insecticides.  Your
system always sprays  the correct concentration....never too much; never too little.  Our
formulation is, therefore more efficient than all other brands.