How To Dispose Of Dead Animals (The Right Way)

When your pet dies or you find a dead animal in the yard, it is upon you to ensure you dispose of the dead body in a proper way. But, according to London pest control service, it is not that obvious. Disposing of a dead animal in the wrong way can expose you and your family to diseases. If you have a dead animal in your home, make sure you adhere to the following general guidelines.

How to handle dead animals

It is always good to ensure you avoid handling a dead animal. If you have to do it, make sure you are wearing gloves. However, small animals are easy to handle since all you need is to use a shovel to put the animal in a plastic bag. For dead animals found on the roadside, steer clear of them. You could, however, report to the police station.

How to bury animals

If all you are dealing with is a small animal, you can easily bury them in your yard. Pick up the animal using a shovel and release it into a polyethylene bag. Wear a pair of gloves so that you can safely handle the plastic bag. Tie the plastic bag at the top. Place the animal in a second bag. Tie the bag tightly and bury the animal in your yard.

Are you dealing with a bigger pet? You can go ahead and bury it right there in your yard. You can handle it in two ways. One, place the animal in a pet coffin for sentimental reasons. If you don’t want an elaborate burial ceremony, go ahead and lay the body on the bare ground. The hole should essentially be at least two feet deep or more given that scavengers will try to dig it up. Another way to prevent any digging up is by laying stones in the area.

Before burying a dead animal, it important that you contact a pest control service London. They will help you learn some of the municipal bylaws that either allow or prevent the burial of animals on private property. Pest removal services know the importance of looking out power lines. They will also help you avoid burying the animal near a source of water.

Non-burial animal disposal methods

  • Flushing down the toilet. If all you are talking about is a small fish, it is much easier to just flush it down the toilet.
  • Trash disposal. For small animals, you only have to put the body in a polyethylene bag before trashing it with the rest of the garbage. If it will take a while before the garbage is collected, you should put it in a freezer until the right time.
  • Do you have an incinerator? Why don’t you simply cremate the body? Don’t worry if you don’t have an incinerator – simply use a huge bonfire.
  • London pest control service. If you are not sure how to handle a dead animal, it is important that you contact pest removal services.

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