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Are you having a problem with rats in your home? What begins with one or two rats may spiral into a big problem that’s difficult to eliminate. By their nature, rats can carry diseases, contaminate food, and damage your property. The good thing is that getting rid of rats is a simple process. But first, a commercial rodent control services provider must find where they live.

Finding the rats

Rat control services start with locating where they live. You have to bear in mind that rats are nocturnal and can rarely be seen running around in daylight. A rat control services provider will look out for the following subtle signs:

  • Rats, alive or dead.
  • Rat droppings, especially in places with a pet or human food. The same could be seen in areas with trash.
  • Scratching sounds, especially from the attic.
  • Nests or nesting materials in dark areas.
  • Visible signs of gnawing on wood and wires.
  • Burrows in the yard, under the foundation or outbuildings. Check for any gnawed fruits.
  • Marks of smudge and rodent hair on the walls and along paths respectively.

Rat traps

Rat control may involve the use of traps to capture and get rid of vermin. Traps can be baited or without bait. Rat traps are usually placed in places where signs of the rodents have been noticed or near sources of food. Your rat control services provider should be able to provide you with the following types of traps:

  • Snap traps. These can either be plastic or wooden and can capture and kill rats without costing you too much.
  • Live traps. Live traps attract rats to find it easy to get in and not out. Only that you will need to kill the rat yourself.
  • These boards work very well for smaller rats and not the bigger ones which can wriggle themselves out. Others may even drag the boards around if caught only in one foot.

Rodent baits

Baits can be used on their own as a form of commercial rodent control or together with traps. The choice of bait is key as food can attract secondary pests such as insects. The following are the commonly used types of baits:

  • Bait traps. Here, foods such as bacon, dried meats, dried fruits, nuts, and dry pet food. You can attach these to a trap using glue, wire, or thread. Avoid using cheese, peanut butter or other soft baits.
  • If you want to bait the rats into eating some poison, all you have to do is use rodenticides. Your rat control services provider should have their own supply of rodenticides to help you deal with the rodent menace. You will find them in single-use bait stations.
  • Bait stations. Rodenticides are usually placed in bait stations before they are used. They allow rats in to feed on the bait. Since the rodenticide is inside, you don’t have to worry about the children or pets coming into contact with it.


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