The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats

Many are the homes and office buildings where rats end up establishing their nests in the attic. Any commercial rodent control service provider will always advise you to watch out for rodents in these high-up spaces. After all, rats have made a hobby out of climbing walls and roofs.

No matter where rats choose to nest in your home, they end up being a total nuisance because of scratching walls and running around. They are very adept at locating where you keep food and when they do, they leave behind a huge mess. That is why rat control should be one of your top-most priorities.

The following are some of the ways to get rid of rats in the attic:

Poisoning the Rats

Our rat control services usually involve very little use of poison. That is due to the reason that poisoning doesn’t really get rid of all the pesky rodents. With time, a fresh army of rats will occupy the attic and make a home out of it. If anything your house will end up with the smell of rotting rats for the longest time to come. It is, therefore, always better to contact pest control services in London when you have issues with rats.

Using Snap Traps

There is no better way to get rid of rats than this. Apart from being very effective, traps give you the opportunity to remove the rats as soon as they die. You will, however, need to ask your rat control experts for complementary methods since rat control cannot get rid of all the rats in the attic on its own.

Using Glue Board Traps

This is another rat control method although it is not as effective as snap traps. Apart from being inhumane, you are likely to fail in your efforts to get rid of rats from the attic using this method. Rats end up leaving a lot of fur on glue boards instead of being trapped. Others end up getting overturned in the process of a rat trying to disentangle itself. With time rats become smart enough to avoid them once they wriggle themselves after getting stuck once. Before you decide to use this method, first contact rat control services.

Using Cage Traps

Commercial rodent control services should be able to provide you with cage traps. After the rats have been trapped in the cages, you can simply relocate them to other areas. Although very effective, they cannot be deployed in large numbers compared to snap traps. Cage traps may also not be able to properly fit in tight spaces such as the attic.

Getting a Cat

Although cats can effectively catch rats, they may not be very effective if the nests are in the attic. But why not? Get yourself a cat even as you plan to use pest control services in London. Cats are not very effective at going after the rats in the attic.

For more information on the best way to get rid of rats in the attic, talk to a rat control services provider today.

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