Getting Rid Of A Moth Infestation

In the home, moths can be a huge menace. Some species are fond living in pantries so that they can feast on cereals and grains. Others are usually found deep inside your wardrobe where they get attached to silk, wool, and other fabrics.

It is for this reason that moths should be top of your insect control London. The following are some of the ways to get rid of a moth infestation:

Deep Cleaning the Wardrobe

One of the most preferred habitats for moths is dark and warm spaces. That is why an insect control service provider will advise you empty the wardrobe of clothes and give it a thorough vacuum cleaning. While at it, the corners shouldn’t be left behind. Insect control services also involve soaking a cloth in detergent and using it to wipe off any moth eggs and larvae.

Lowering the Heat

Moths are known to thrive in warm conditions. It is, therefore, very common to find these pesky insects in abundance in homes with central heating systems. Set your radiator as low as possible even as you limit the amount of time the heating system is in work. An insect control service provider will be able to advise you on the right temperature to use for that purpose.

Cleaning the Clothes

Moths can have a field day on dirty smelly clothes. They need the dirt particles to eat which is the reason why part of insect control London involves washing your clothes. After you have washed your clothes, you can put them back into the clean wardrobe. You might first want to put the clean clothes in a sub-zero freezer for 48 hours. With that, you will kill any of the remaining moth eggs and larvae.

Vacuuming and Deep Cleaning

If you want to avoid future moth infestations, make sure you give your home a thorough cleaning. Apart from vacuuming make sure scrub the house clean on a regular basis. That should involve a periodic deep cleaning of the drawers and wardrobes. That way, you won’t even need the pest control services London.

Using Cedar Balls and Hangers

Moths don’t like cedar. If you want to kills the larvae and eggs, this is one of the most effective methods to use. Any London pest control service provider will advise you to buy some wood hangers made of cedar as well as cedar balls. The smell of cedar can be pleasant to humans but moths won’t get anywhere near it.

Using Lavender Bags

Did you know that lavender has the same effect on moths as cedar? Take dried lavender and put it in bags. Place these bags in the drawers and wardrobe and you will effectively ward off the moths. Effective insect control requires that you regularly replace the lavender in your London home.

Clearly, there is much you can do before and after a moth infestation in your home. To be sure that you are doing the right thing, contact a London pest control service today.

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