Keep Pigeons Away From the House

Pigeons can be a big menace in cities where they are fond of roosting on rooftops or inside buildings. Their feathers, droppings, and nesting materials can create a big mess in any home or office building. They can also be very noisy when living in the attic or elsewhere in the house. Like other pests, pigeons can act as agents of spreading dangerous diseases.

That is why you must contact pest removal services as soon as you notice a pigeon infestation in your home. The following are some of the most effective ways to keep pigeons away from the house:

Using Pigeon Spikes

Pest control services in London will prevent pigeons from landing on your porch, balcony or rooftop. The purpose of the spikes is not to injure or kill the birds but to discourage them from perching anywhere near your house. You can attach them virtually anywhere pigeons are likely to roost. If you want a total deterrent to any future pigeon infestation in your home, talk to the nearest London pest control service provider.

Using Surface Repellents

Pigeons are very selective about where they land, mainly because of their ultra-sensitive feet. The surface repellents used by pest removal services are meant to make the surface unattractive for any landing. It will make any solid surface slippery, sticky or tacky, thus discouraging pigeons from roosting on it. The pigeon will be forced to move to another house where the surfaces are dry and firm. If you are using gel, make sure you schedule the London pest control service to be coming back weekly or monthly.

Pigeon Scare Balloons

Did you know that bouncy balloons can give pigeons a real scare? The pigeon scare balloons provided by pest control services London will come with shiny, brightly coloured, reflective surfaces that leave the pigeons in a state of confusion. You can hang them on patios, gazebos, balconies, and docking areas. If you want, use rubber snakes to give the pigeons a huge scare. This method is not just affordable but also very effective.

Motion Detectors

With motion detectors, you can scare off pigeons when annoying sounds are created and released. Pigeons have no option but to consider using an alternative route. You shouldn’t worry about causing unnecessary noise pollution since the sound produced is ultra-sonic. Only the pigeons can hear the sound, not you. As the pigeon moves through the area covered by the detectors, it triggers the sound.

Your pest removal services provider will ensure that they place the detectors at least 3-feet above the ground. It works well if you have a low-cut lawn in which pigeons like landing. If your lawn has taller grass, try installing the motion detectors at a height of at least 8 feet. Just ensure that there are no shrubs and trees blocking out the sound. Where that is the case, the birds will end up perching elsewhere around your home.

Why don’t you talk to a pest control services London, today?

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