Problems Caused By Pests

There are a number of issues you are likely to experience due to the insect infestation in your home. While in most cases insects are just plain annoying, they can also cause major and expensive problems. But that depends on which type of insect you are referring to. Before you end up with expensive repairs to your property, make sure you contact an insect control service provider as soon as insects become a menace.

Here is a closer look at three common insect pests in your home:


Of all the insects, termites can cause the most damage to your home. They usually feed on anything wooden, including your walls, door frames, shutters, and furniture. The damage caused by these insects can run into thousands of pounds if the problem is not detected and dealt with early enough. It is always best to talk with an insect control London.

Powderpost beetles

These beetles can be a menace given their targeted infestation of wooden doors, cabinets, flooring, and moulding. They can also destroy any type of hardwood furniture. If you want to know if the wood in your home is infested by these beetles, all you have to look out for is a hole with a diameter ranging between 1/32 and 1/16 inches. Another sign is fine dust emanating from the holes. When you see that, call in pest control services as soon as you can.

Honey bees

Bees inside your home can be a huge menace. They only need to find their way into the house to build a hive with over 30,000 bees. With time, the hive will grow, just as would the colony. In the end, you will have a huge honey, wax, and propolis mass sitting in your house. It is not advisable to get rid


of the bees using an insecticide. That is likely to leave dead bees, melted wax, and fermented honey all over the house. Moths and rodents couldn’t find a better environment to live in. That is why you need to call the nearest insect control service provider.

Indoor ants

Although they don’t really damage your home, they may affect the quality of life. Ants can sting and even bite the inhabitants of the home. It is advisable that you avoid spraying indoor ants with insecticides. Professional pest control services usually employ baits to get rid of menacing ants. The most commonly used are liquid baits.

German cockroaches

No one would like the unsightly look of German cockroaches. They are unhealthy too. A research study found that children raised in a house infested with these cockroaches and end up with asthma and other allergies. The faeces and skin fragments they leave around contain a number of pathogens and allergic materials. Insect control London will go out to clean your home and use baits in a bid to get rid of German cockroaches.

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