Dangerous Pests In The UK

Your garden is one of the biggest attractions for pests. The most common are those that feed on the leaves, flowers, and fruits produced by the plants. Of all the pests in your garden, the following are the most dangerous:


Wasps are humble until they feel threatened. Their sting is not just itchy, but it can leave you swollen. In some people, wasp stings can lead to allergic reactions. The best way to handle wasps is to avoid swatting them away. Moving out of their way slowly should do the trick. Pest removal services should help you locate wasp nests in your garden and also have them removed.


When a bee stings you, you would feel more like you have been stung by a wasp. In your garden, you are likely to encounter bumble bees or honey bees. By their nature, bumble bees are less aggressive. They don’t have barbed stings, which means they can sting you a multiple numbers of times. When the honey bee stings, it leaves a barbed sting under your skin and goes ahead to die.

Even where there is no hive, bees are likely to come around buzzing around the flowers. They can only sting when provoked. London pest control service providers will basically locate and remove nearby hives.


Ticks are commonly found in wooded places, thick grass, and moors. If you have pets in your home, ticks are likely to first infest them. They are known to cling to human skin to suck blood. Although the bite might not hurt, ticks can infect you with Lyme disease. That is the reason why you should remove ticks as soon as you spot them. Pest control service London will help spray your surroundings to ensure no ticks are left lying about.

Flower bugs

These oval-shaped insects have orange-brown legs and reflective wings. You are likely to spot them on flowering plants in your garden. Although pretty looking, they have an itchy, slow healing sting. Since they don’t cause major damage, it is advisable that you do not try to get rid of flower bugs. They play a very central role in flower pollination in the garden.


These are large, hairy flies with a painful bite. But they are selective on when to bite. If a horsefly ever bit you, it will be on a warm, sunny day. They prefer the upper body and head. Although they spread no diseases, horseflies cut the skin leaving it susceptible to bites.


The most commonly seen ant in the UK is the black garden type. It doesn’t necessarily sting. There are, however, other wood, flying, and red ants which sting when threatened or in warm conditions. When stung by an ant, it doesn’t feel that painful owing to less toxin content. As a pest removal services provider to help you get rid of ants in your garden.

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